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Business Consultant in Grand Forks and Beyond

Stromsodt CPA Ltd Will Help You Develop A Plan To Bring Your Business Vision To Life

It’s common for business owners to become so entrenched working in their businesses that they simply do not have the time to focus on growing them. Which can result in long hours with minimal gain. Stromsodt CPA Ltd offers consulting services that allow you to simplify how you do business by helping you develop clear policies that identify waste and avoid common roadblocks that slow productivity. This provides your company with the ability it needs to maximize its return on investment.

You have a vision for your business – Stromsodt CPA Ltd will help you make it a reality.

Our Services Include:

Entity Selection

Whether this is your initial entity selection or you are in a restructuring phase, it’s imperative to receive guidance from experienced professionals because getting it wrong can have lasting negative results. Trust Stromsodt CPA Ltd to evaluate your business plans, advise you on which entity structure is best for your situation and determine the appropriate accounting procedures and tax/licensing filings, etc., which will help your business hit the ground running while being fully prepared for future growth.

Business Start-Up

Stromsodt CPA Ltd can assist you with the business start-up process and provide complete consulting as you grow. This includes directing you toward trusted lawyers, assistance in setting up bookkeeping, checkbook and payroll systems, plus entity selection and more.

Business Succession Planning

Businesses often fail based on insufficient succession planning, or because they had no plan at all. We understand that it’s a daunting process, but with Stromsodt CPA Ltd in your corner, you can rest easy knowing that the hard work that made your business so successful will continue under new ownership, but it’s important to develop a plan early.

Buying and Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business can be an emotional undertaking. It’s critical that you have someone by your side who is experienced in the process to ensure that your best interests are served. We’ll help you lay out and implement a plan that allows you to skillfully navigate the intricacies of such a transaction, putting you in the driver’s seat and in full control.

Retirement Planning

Stromsodt’s retirement planning process is customized to your business’s needs. We’ll collaborate with you and guide you in implementing sound fiduciary governance, optimizing plan benefits and grooming your workforce for life after retirement.

Cash Flow

Adequate cash flow allows your company to remain functional and on time with payroll and payments. Stromsodt CPA Ltd can advise you on managing your current cash flow, seeking additional business capital or obtaining start up funds for your new business.

Budget Analysis

Stromsodt will sit down and analyze your company’s budget in detail so you have a full understanding of where your money is going and how well it is being managed. This will allow you to identify deficiencies make the necessary changes to meet your goals.






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